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About Crib Walls

Get your Crib Walls in Melbourne direct from Davnic Group – The Retaining Wall Specialists We’re YOUR Experts in the Design, Supply and Installation of Crib Wall Constructions. These gravity retaining walls are cost-effective, open-web construction structures featuring pre-cast concrete, interlocking individual units that can be put together smartly and with speed. Ideal for use to support Garden Wall areas, Civil, Commercial and Domestic sites, Crib Walls are able to be backfilled for both additional support and drainage, to ensure no pressure build-up accrues. Contact Us TODAY, Get Your Quote, and make your colour choice from the traditional concrete grey, charcoal or sandstone.

We Worked Hard

Your Crib Walls benefits include:

  • Strength
  • Stability
  • Safety
  • Low Maintenance
  • Four Header Sizes – to cater for varying wall heights (up to 20 metres) to create Gravity Retaining Walls
  • Ability to be planted out with environmental greenery
  • Flexibility – Curve Shapes, Slopes, and Graduated Cuts. Can also be constructed in step-stages.
  • Independently-tested and evaluated by the Queensland University of Technology for performance.

Find your perfect Retaining Wall solution, and discover why Davnic Group is the preferred provider of Crib Walls in Melbourne.

All works by Davnic Group are guaranteed to meet with Australian Safety Standards & Regulations.