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About Treated Pine Sleeper / Galvanised Post Retaining Walls

Get your Treated Pine Sleeper/Galvanised Post Walls in Melbourne direct from Davnic Group – The Retaining Wall Specialists

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Vertically aligned to suit any situation, your wall can be built as high as you need it to be. However, we’ll give you the right advice about what

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Your wall may extend up to three metres high and provide support for any of the following Civil, Commercial and Domestic site situations:

  • Terraces
  • Steps
  • Garden Boxes or Corners
  • Backfill Areas
  • Excavation Cut-aways, , and/or
  • Above Ground Swimming Pool Surrounds.
  • Major Landscaping
  • Noise Reduction (Acoustic Walls/Noise Walls)
  • Soil Retention on Sloping Blocks, Narrow Blocks and uneven blocks

Your durable Treated Pine Sleeper Wall can be stained, timber capped, and/or horizontally curved/graduated in increments to suit.

Your Galvanised Posts can also be topped with specially designed caps, for an aesthetically pleasing and tailored look.

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No matter where you need your retaining wall structure to be constructed, we’ll guide you through your options, and help you to redefine your property and improve your lifestyle.

All works by Davnic Group are guaranteed to meet with Australian Safety Standards & Regulations.

Find your perfect Retaining Wall solution, and discover why Davnic Group are the professionals for Galvanised Post/Treated Pine Sleeper Walls in Melbourne.